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How do I unapprove a timesheet?

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You may need to unapprove an employee's timesheet after approving it to allow the employee to make changes to the timesheet.  Complete the following steps to unapprove:

1. From the dashboard, select Approve Timesheets:

Supervisor Dashboard

Reminder: if you do not see the Approve Timesheets link, click on the arrow icon at the bottom of the Time Entry section to expand the options.

2. On the Approve Time Sheets page, click on your name:

click in your name to view your employees' timesheets


3. For the employee you need to unapprove the timesheet, click on the Approve box to remove the green check mark:

Approve Box with green check mark in it

4. Click Save Approvals to save your changes:

Save your changes after unchecking the approval box

5. You'll receive confirmation that the changes were saved:

information saved confirmation at the top of approve timesheets page


The employee can now make changes to their timesheet.

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