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What are the different views available for my timesheet?

Timesheets have three view options: List view, Table view, and Day view.  Change the view by clicking on the view drop down at the top of the My Time Entry page:Click view drop down menu to view options

EmpCenter will remember the view selected the next time you access the timesheet.

List View

List view is the default view.  It displays the days in the pay period as a list; each day has a row. list view display

Table View

Table view displays days in the pay period as a table.  It is useful if you need to enter the same information for each day of the week on your timesheet.table view

To add additional pay codes to the week, click on the green + sign to the left of the Pay Code drop down  – you can also duplicate, copy, paste, and cut using the drop down menu next to the plus sign.

Day View

Day view displays a single day of the pay period.  Day view separates work time and time off (sick, vacation) for each day.
day view

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