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EmpCenter Overviews

EmpCenter Dashboard Overview - Classified Exempt, Grad Student, Unclassified Exempt, Unclassified Non-exempt, and Unclassified Hourly policy profiles

EmpCenter Dashboard Overview - Classified Non-exempt, Classified Hourly, and Student/ Temp policy profiles

Employee Timesheet Overview

Supervisor Dashboard Overview

Policy Profile/Role Training

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Classified Hourly

Classified Salaried Exempt

Classified Salaried Non-exempt

Grad Student

Students/Temps Hourly

Unclassified Hourly

Unclassified Salaried Exempt

Unclassified Salaried Non-exempt


Business Center

General User Guides:

Holidays in EmpCenter

EmpCenter Keyboard Shortcuts (Hot Keys)

Protected Leave Guide

EmpCenter Guidelines