Student employees and OSU temps are expected to clock in and out for the work day and meals using the WebClock and use the time off request process for planned sick leave (e.g., doctor appointments).

The time entry process is used for times when clocking is unavailable or to record sick leave that was unplanned.

1. Access your timesheet by clicking on My Timesheet from the dashboard:

enter my hours link on employee dashboard

Note: if you have more than one job, or assignment, you will need to select the job you are entering time for before continuing.

2. On the timesheet, select the day you need to enter time for.  The Pay Code field will be highlighted:

day selected on timesheet to enter hours

3. Select the pay code from the Pay Code drop down list:

click on pay code drop down to select pay code for the day

4.  Enter the time in the Hours column.  

Work In/Out requires in and out times.  Enter the start time on the first row of the hours column and the end time on the second row of the hours column:

enter start and end times for the day using the work in out pay code

Time Entry Notes:

  • Each row entry is called a time slice.  If you need additional rows, click on the green + sign to the left of the pay code column.
  • For in and out times, you do not need to enter 8:00 am or 1:00 pm; you can enter 8 for the start time and 1p – or 13 if you prefer military time – for the end time. EmpCenter assumes the am for any number between 1-11 and 24, and the pm for any number between 12-23.
  • If the out time is past midnight, add a + sign before entering the time.

Oregon Sick Leave is entered in elapsed time and must be entered in whole hour increments (e.g., 1, 2, 8):

oregon sick leave uses elapsed time in the hours column

5. Enter a reason for using the Work In/Out pay code in the Comments field – time entered directly on the timesheet always requires comments:

work in out pay code with hours and comments

6. Click Save at the top of the timesheet to save your changes: 
save button at the top of timesheet to save changes

   You’ll receive confirmation that your changes have been saved:

data saved