The timesheet will default to the current open pay period; once you have submitted your timesheet or your supervisor has approved the timesheet, it will default to the next pay period.  However, you can change the period to view past or future timesheets.

  • You can view timesheets up to one year in the past from the current date, unless you have changed assignments (jobs).
  • You can view timesheets up to one year in the future from the current date.
  • You can make changes to future timesheets up to 12 weeks from the current date to allow for protected leave tracking.

To change the pay period view, click on the arrows to the right (for future dates) or left (for past dates) of the pay period:

left arrow for past dates and right arrow for future pay period dates

You can also use the calendar icon to select a date:

change pay period using calendar

Note: The Default Period button will return you to the current open pay period.