Classified Hourly employees are expected to clock in and out for the work day using the Web Clock and use the time off request process for pre-approved leave. 

The time entry process is used for times when clocking is unavailable, to record select differentials, or to record time off that was not pre-planned. 

  1. Access your timesheet by clicking on My Timesheet on the Employee Dashboard:
    click on my timesheet on the employee dashboard to access your timesheet
  2. Select the day you need to enter time for.  The Pay Code field will be highlighted:select day to enter hours
  3. Select the Pay Code from the drop down list:

    click on the arrow in the pay code column to see the pay code drop down list and select a pay code for the day

    Note: the pay codes available to you depend on your policy profile.  See Pay Codes for more information.

  4. Enter the time in the Hours column:
    • Each row entry is called a time slice.
    • For in and out times, you do not need to enter 8:00 am or 5:00 pm; you can enter 8 for the start time and 5p – or 17 if you prefer military time – for the end time. EmpCenter assumes the am for any number between 1-11 and 24, and the pm for any number between 12-23.
    • If the out time is past midnight, add a + sign before entering the time.


    For elapsed time pay codes, enter the number of hours:

    enter the number of hours taken in the hours column for elapsed time pay codes

    For pay codes that require in and out times, enter the start time on the first row and the end time on the second row:

    enter the start and end times for the work in/out pay code

  5. Click Save at the top of the timesheet to save your changes:

    click on the save button to save changes

    You’ll receive confirmation that your changes have been saved:

    data saved confirmation at the top of the timesheet

    If you try to navigate away from the timesheet before saving any changes, you’ll receive a warning:

    leaving page warning


    alternate warning message