If there are problems with an employee’s timesheet, you can choose to reject it and send it back to the employee for changes.   Please note, if there are hours on the timesheet the hours will still be sent to payroll during processing even if you reject the timesheet.  You will need to follow up with the employee to ensure corrections are made before the pay period closes.

  1. After reviewing the timesheet, select the Reject button from the Approve Timesheet page:
    reject button on the approve timesheet page next to approve button
  2. The Reject Time Sheet window will open to allow you to send an email to the employee, yourself, or the employee’s supervisor (if you have been delegated the employee):
    enter information in the email message box so the employee knows what needs to be fixed on the timesheet


    - The employee must have an email in the system. 

    - The email does not include any identifying information about the timesheet/assignment other than what is entered in the email message field.

  3. Enter the message to the employee in the Email Message field and change the default subject if needed, enter any notes for yourself in the Comments field, then click Send:
    enter reason for rejection then click send

    Note: this message will only be in the email; the employee will not see the details in any other location.

  4. The Approval column will show that the timesheet has been rejected:
    approval column will show rejection
  5. To review your comments - or add additional comments - click on the yellow note icon in the Approval column before saving your changes:
    review comments or add additional comments to timesheet rejection notes

    Note: the comments icon will disappear once you save your changes; you’ll see the comments on the Approval History screen.

  6. Save your changes:
    save changes at the top of the page

Once the employee has fixed the errors on their timesheet, you can approve the timesheet using the Approve Timesheet process.