If you will be out of the office for a period of time, EmpCenter allows you to delegate your supervisor responsibilities to another employee assigned to the supervisor role.  The supervisor delegated to will be able to approve timesheets, time off requests, assign schedules, and edit employee time for your employees.   They will also receive all notifications from EmpCenter about your employees.   You will also still be able to do all of these tasks for your employees and still receive any email notifications from EmpCenter.

To add or revoke a delegation, select Manage Delegations from the Supervisor Dashboard:
manage delegations link on the supervisor dashboard

Delegate Employees

  1. From the Delegate page, select Delegate Authority:
    select delegate authority from delegate page
  2. Click search on the Enter Search Criteria window:
    click search to continue to next page

    Note: you do not need to enter anything in the group description field; you will see your “group” as well as any supervisors that have delegate their employees to you if they allow re-delegation.

  3. On the Choose Delegate Options window, select the assignment group you are delegating:br>check the box next to your name to delegate your employees
  4. Enter the effective start and end date and select whether you want to allow re-delegation then click Next:
    enter start date and end effective dates for the delegation and choose to allow re-delegation or not

    -  The Effective Date (A) is the day the supervisor you delegate to will begin seeing your employees.

    -  The End Effective Date (B) is the last day the supervisor you delegate to will see your employees.

    Note: the effective date will default to the current date and the end effective date will default to one week from the current date.  You can choose any future dates for the delegation: you will still have access to your employees during the dates you delegate.

    -  Allow Re-delegation (C): if you want to allow the delegated supervisor to re-delegate your employees to another supervisor, check this box.


  5. Enter search criteria to find the supervisor you would like to delegate to – you can use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard:
    enter search criteria to find supervisor to delegate to

    Note: User ID is the supervisor’s 9 digit employee id and you can only delegate to another employee that is currently a supervisor.

  6. Select the supervisor from the list and click Select:
    select radio button next to supervisor to delegate to
  7. You’ll receive confirmation that the delegation was successful, click continue to return to the Delegation page:
    click continue to return to the delegate page