The Mobile "dashboard" has a different look and different options from the desktop version of EmpCenter:

mobile self-service dashboard options labeled

  1. My Timesheet: access your timesheet for to enter hours or to submit.
  2. My Bank Balances: view your current leave balances - this has the same information as the leave tab on the desktop version of the timesheet.
  3. My Time Off: view current or past time off requests or submit a new request.  Reminder: you cannot submit a protected leave request through Mobile and you can only use one type of leave per request.
  4. Help: access generic help topics from WorkForce - the help is not specific to OSU set up or processes and does not direct you to the MyTime site.
  5. Clock: this option is only available to employees that use the web clock.  Click to clock in or clock out.
  6. Self-Service: select from anywhere in the system to return to the self-service menu.
  7. Settings: change the view from small screen (phone) to large screen (tablet). 
  8. Log Out: log out of EmpCenter Mobile.