If the university is closed or has a delayed opening, classified employees can use Closure Leave for the work time missed due to the closure. See the Inclement Weather FAQ for more details.

Please note, essential employees that worked during the closure can also enter Closure Leave in addition to Essential Time to be paid double time and a half for those hours.

For designated campus closures (Corvallis campus), you do not need to do anything with the timesheet to approve the hours – you simply follow your normal approval procedure. You will see the hours listed on the timesheet and no exception:

timesheet showing closure leave and no exception

For days that have not been designated campus closures (Bend, Portland, Newport, other locations), you will need to acknowledge the exception if it there was a closure or remove the time if there was no closure. 

Acknowledge Closure Leave Exception

1. Access the timesheet from the Approve Timesheets link, the Edit Employee Time link, or the Exceptions box:

supervisor dashboard showing approve timesheets link, edit employee time link and exception box

2. On the timesheet, acknowledge the exception by checking the box under Acknowledge on the Exceptions tab:

timesheet showing exception and pointing to the acknowledge box that needs to be checked

3. Save your changes:

timsheet showing exception acknowledge box checked=

The exception changes to an informational level white exception to show the closure leave is appropriate.


Edit/Delete Closure Leave

If the campus was not closed on a day that the employee entered Closure Leave or was closed for less time than entered, you will need to edit or delete the time.  Be sure to enter comments before saving your changes:

timesheet showing closure leave removed and comments entered